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Graveyard shift

As a nurse i am used to work in three different shift. Morning, afternoon and graveyard shift. Among the graveyard shift is most relaxed shift (depending on the condition of the patients addmitted in our unit). And today since i am oj my graveyard shift, i decided to write a blog.


Here’s the scenario:

You are a nurse working on an eight hour  graveyard shift .You finished checking the patient and the chart and just waiting for the time to do the morning care ( and sleeping is not an option ).

Here’s some tip on what to do to:

CHISMIS (talk and talk)

do this with your co-workers. Any topic will. This is also the best time to share any sentiments. To cope up with the events you missed.

EAT (see food diet)

keep your mouth busy and share it to them. bring food from the fiesta or birthday party. Drink soda or coffee.


this is the best time to decorate the unit. especially if it is not busy and aj wvent or contest is approaching.

CLEAN  ( cleanliness is next to …)

if you’re not feeling lazy you can do this. wipe the counter top, sweep the floor (you can now apply as a janitor as a part time job. 😀 kidding! )

STARE (time to kill)

if all else fare, just stare. to the wall, clock or maybe to your crush just to kill the time and soon you’ll fall a sleep :-P.

To sum up all these—-  KEEP YOURSELF BUSY so you won’t fall asleep and just have fun 😉


I just need to be brave


I want to do things  I want to do
Climb a mountain
Sing out loud
Swim in the ocean and do scuba diving
Dance like there’s no tomorrow
Ride a bike and go anywhere i want to go
I want to do all these things
Before it’s too late.

Say anything I want to say
Without hesitations
Without regrets
Without hurting people
To express what i feel
Is all i want to do.

I need to get of my comfort zone
And be crazy sometimes.
Do those childish things
And be child like once in a while.

All i need is motivation
All i need is courage
I just need to be brave.


what if life is a game


Got this topic when my friend posted in her fb account saying “What if life is a game?”

What if life is a game, video games to be exact. I think it would be fun. Think about it.

We’ll have lots of lives and unlimited money.

We can press the reset, restart or pause buttons of our lives.

We can turn the game on or turn it off whenever we wanted.

We’re always have a new mission. And always on the go.

We can always go back to those stages of our lives or we skip those unpleasant memories.

But also think about this.

What if life is a game. We all know there are times that we got stuck on the same level. No matter how hard we try, we can’t just escape and proceed to the next level. If life is a gameBruises, maybe aches that keeps on repeating , defeated by the enemies. And when the time comes we come to the point that we get tired of trying and we quit. Does thid also means we quit in life?

What if life is a game and we have lots of lives and money. Are you sure you’re going to be happy if you live more than hundreds of years? I don’t think so.

What if life is a game and we can turn our lives on and off. But everytime we are turned on, we’re going to start from the begining all over again. Tiresome right?

What if life is a game and we can just press the reset, restart or pause buttons to change the thing we do not want. How we will learn the things we need to learn inorder to live those hundred lives we have?

What if life is a game and we’re always on a mission. No way to stop. Are you going to quit or finish what you have started?

What if life is a game and suddenly it’s game over.
Do you think it would really be fun?

God didn’t made our lives a video game. We can not change those things that havr been done. So live life to the fullest. Do the things that you want to do. Forgive, forget and enjoy life while you can. Because there is no reset, pause stop buttons in our lives. All we need is to put our trust to God.